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Soulful vibrations of strings, smooth improvisation

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limitless capacity for creative expression

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Jazz guitar is a captivating discovery of sounds &  journey of self discovery -inviting players to explore and articulate their distinctive musical voices through the expressive and versatile instrument of the guitar.

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Doug Mac Donald

Master Class

Aug , 1  6:30 PM ET

Members gain insights from renowned jazz guitarists and industry experts, and gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources and instructional videos. Join us today to enhance your jazz guitar journey!

Our dedication lies in assisting our members in honing their skills, igniting their passion, and boosting their on-stage confidence. With an educational mindset and a strong sense of community, we are unwavering in our commitment to fostering a supportive network of like-minded individuals and mentors who can collectively nurture each other's growth and achievements

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Jazz Guitar Community
learning and growing together

Participating in JGM master classes at offers a unique opportunity to refine your technique and gain insights from seasoned professionals, fostering growth in both skill and creativity. Engaging with the diverse perspectives and techniques shared in these sessions empowers musicians to expand their artistic horizons and unlock new dimensions of expression in their playing.

Welcome to JMG community! Get exclusive content, events, and resources to grow personally and professionally. Let's meaningful connections together.

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Carmelo Nicosia

JGM Director

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Phil Magallanes

Guitar Teacher

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Ron Jackson

Guitar Teacher

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