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Rafeal Barake

Image by Kobe Subramaniam

Rafael Barake is a seasoned educator. He graduated from the Madrid Royal
Conservatory where he specialized in guitar pedagogy.
Rafael has performed extensively across Europe, South America and the US and has
over three decades of experience as a music instructor. As an educator he is always
creating new approaches to make the learning experience fun, practical and
applicable, having the ability to design a curriculum to suit each student’s needs.
· Contemporary Jazz Guitar - Felix Santos, Ateneo de Jazz de Madrid
· Arrangements and composition with renowned composer, Jorge Cardoso,
Madrid Spain
· Baroque Music Seminars with Javier Hinojosa, Paris Conservatory.
· Co-Founder of the Madrid Guitar Chamber Orchestra. Recordings can be
found on Spotify and Apple Music under “Orquesta de Camara de Guitarras de
kcIvSSv2A .
· “Trópica Jazz” and “Ellos Son” in Colombia, SA
Noteworthy experience:
· Director of Music Conservatory at Bellas Artes, Universidad del Atlantico,
Barranquilla, Colombia. Originator and developer of the transformation of the
college’s music department that led to its accreditation. Initiator of research
studies that ushered a significant evolution within the context of a
conventional classical music program where innovative and experimental
music studies and forms had never been considered or explored. This process
gave birth to a number of currently recognized artists and pedagogues.
· Author of various pedagogical methods.
· Participated in the “Plan Nacional de música para la convivencia”, recognized
by the Colombian president.

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